1. Anastasia Sviredenko polaroid #onassignment #fredericlagrange studio, Brooklyn

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  3. #portmagazine winter issue. Young Kyrgyz girl shot in the #littlepamir, #afghanistan. I spent an entire day trying to approach this little Kyrgyz girl, but she would run away as soon as I would get close. Finally, at the end of the day, while she was helping her older sisters gather some cattle, she let me get close enough. For a very short moment, everything was right, the background, the soft light and the expression on her face. And then, she ran away again.

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  5. Kyrgyz girl  |    Lake Chaqmaqtin, Afghanistan


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  7.   Miami Beach|  Anthropologie


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  9. Colorful and harmless bettle  |  Irian Jaya, Indonesia


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  11. Expedition checking on a donkey’s harness  |  Wakhan Corridor, Afghanistan


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  13. Kombai hunter at rest  |  Irian Jaya, Indonesia


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  15. Amber Arbucci in an infinity pool  |  Bali, Indonesia


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